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Bible Trivia

In the Bible, during the battle of Jericho, what unconventional strategy did the Israelites use to defeat their enemies?

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BREAKING NEWS - WW3 Watch & Julian Assange is FREE!

πŸ™ My Faith: Ark of Grace Ministries - Amanda Grace. MUST WATCH PROPHECY UPDATE

My Health - 2000 Years of Healing Wisdom ️ - Exodus by Exodus Strong

Exodus Strong is Introducing a new Biblically Inspired Health Solution - Exodus. We have been reviewing the 7 Biblical Ingredients and last week we reviewed the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen. ALL of these are in the soon to be released product by Exodus Strong.

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Biblical Ingredients for Optimal Health: Our formula includes seven potent, all-natural ingredients from the Bible, designed to enhance your overall well-being.

7 Biblical Ingredients:

Organic Barley Grass, Organic Wheatgrass, Cumin, Aloe, Saffron, Frankincense, and Myrrh

Exodus Mineral Blend which Generates Molecular Hydrogen.

We have discovered a unique magnesium blend that has been proven to generate molecular hydrogen inside your body. This unique blend offers transformative health benefits, backed by hundreds of scientific studies. Hyrdrogen inside the human body is incredible.

Key Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen:

  1. Boosts Energy Levels: Molecular hydrogen enhances cellular energy production, helping you feel more revitalized and ready to tackle your day.

  2. Reduces Stress: Its powerful antioxidant properties help mitigate oxidative stress, promoting a calmer and more balanced state of mind.

  3. Stabilizes Blood Sugar: Molecular hydrogen supports healthy blood sugar levels, contributing to better overall metabolic health.

  4. Pain Relief and Anti-Inflammation: It helps reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, making it an effective natural remedy for chronic conditions.

  5. Supports Healthy Digestion: Molecular hydrogen aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system, improving nutrient absorption and gut health.

  6. Enhances Athletic Performance and Recovery: It boosts physical performance and speeds up recovery by reducing exercise-induced oxidative stress and inflammation.

  7. Promotes Mitochondrial Health: Molecular hydrogen supports the health and efficiency of mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells, leading to improved overall cellular function.

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Mighty Man - Dr Tom Paladino - Scalar Energy

✝️ Bible Verse - Joshua 6:15-20 (ESV) The Walls of Jericho: Faith in Action

Dear friends, let us turn our hearts and minds to the remarkable story found in Joshua 6:15-20. Here, we witness the power of faith, obedience, and divine intervention.

In this passage, we see the Israelites, led by Joshua, following God's seemingly unusual instructions to march around the walls of Jericho. For six days, they circled the city once each day in silence. On the seventh day, they marched around the city seven times. At Joshua's command, the priests blew their trumpets, the people shouted, and the mighty walls of Jericho came tumbling down.

What can we learn from this extraordinary event?

First, faith. The Israelites trusted God's plan, even when it made no earthly sense. Their faith in His promise gave them the courage to follow His commands without question.

Second, obedience. The Israelites did exactly as God instructed, demonstrating their complete submission to His will. Obedience is not always easy, especially when we don't understand the reasons behind God's commands. Yet, it is through obedience that we show our trust and love for Him.

Third, divine intervention. The walls of Jericho fell not by human might, but by the power of God. This miracle serves as a reminder that when we align ourselves with God's will, He can achieve the impossible through us.

Consider how this story applies to our own lives. Are there walls in your life that seem insurmountable? Walls of doubt, fear, or adversity? Just as the Israelites brought down the walls of Jericho through faith, obedience, and God's power, so too can we overcome our own obstacles by placing our trust in Him.

Let us march forward with faith, follow God's instructions with obedience, and watch as He works miracles in our lives. For when we put our trust in God, the walls of our challenges will fall, and we will step into the victory He has prepared for us.


Bible Trivia - Answer

The Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho seven times, blew their trumpets, and shouted, causing the walls to collapse. (Joshua 6:15-20)

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