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Trivia Question❓

In the Bible, a group of Philistines offered a gift consisting of five golden rats and five golden what to the Israelites?

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Interesting Bible Facts - Mt Sinai

  • Mount Sinai is believed by some scholars to be located in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, while others believe it may be located in Saudi Arabia.

  • The mountain is also known as Mount Horeb in the Bible, where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments from God.

  • The summit of Mount Sinai is home to a small chapel, known as the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, which has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries.

My Faith - Prophets, Israel & Iran

Amanda Grace - Ark of Grace

Kat Kerr

God is Sending More Seers To The Earth!

Majestic Woman - Dr Shiroko Sokitch

I Am Pain Free Podcast

The Triangle of Wellness: A Foundation for Healing - Dr Shiroko Sokitch

How an MD Blends Eastern and Western Medicine to Unlock the Body's Healing Potential Do you want to achieve effective integration of eastern and western medicine for holistic pain relief? Discover the solution to seamlessly weave these two approaches for a unique tapestry of healing. Let's unlock the transformative potential of feeling health through a lens that transcends conventional boundaries.

Together, we'll explore the power of acupuncture, functional medicine, and traditional medical practices to bring balance and relief. Get ready to experience the best of both worlds in pain relief! My special guest is Dr Shiroko Sokitch Dr. Shiroko Sokitch, an MD and acupuncturist, has been at the forefront of healthcare for over 30 years. Based in Santa Rosa, California, she seamlessly integrates traditional Chinese medicine with western practices, particularly functional medicine.

Her journey stems from a childhood tragedy, igniting her passion to save lives and seek out holistic healing solutions. Dr. Shiroko's unique approach blends acupuncture, functional medicine, and conventional medical practices to address chronic pain and complex health issues.

Her expertise lies in listening to the body, identifying root causes, and using acupuncture to alleviate pain by restoring energy balance. As a visionary in holistic health, she emphasizes the importance of treating the whole person, not just the symptoms, offering a transformative perspective on wellness that transcends conventional boundaries. So the whole idea is pain is usually because pain energy is not moving in a certain location. 

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the power of integrating eastern and western medicine for a holistic approach to pain relief.
  • Hear inspiring success stories of pain relief through acupuncture and functional medicine. 
  • Learn how to bridge holistic health practices with traditional medical approaches for comprehensive pain management. 
  • Explore a personal journey to becoming a holistic health practitioner and the impact it has on patients. 
  • Understand the profound connection between emotional healing and its impact on physical well-being.

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Happening NOW! Last Chance

My Health - Dr Cohn's Biostack Summit!

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Biostacking is a holistic health and wellness concept that involves the strategic combination of various therapies, treatments, and programs to achieve more rapid and potent results. The core idea behind biostacking is to harness the synergy of different holistic approaches to enhance healing and well-being. This is achieved by activating multiple sensory systems, which can include the physical senses (such as touch, sight, and sound) and other sensory elements related to emotions, thoughts, and consciousness.  

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Bible Message - Mt Saini

Mount Sinai holds a place of profound significance in the Biblical narrative, serving as the sacred ground where God chose to reveal His law, the Ten Commandments, to Moses and, through him, to the people of Israel. This mountain, also known as Mount Horeb, became the definitive point of covenant between God and His chosen people, marking a pivotal transformation in their journey from slavery under the Egyptians to a nation under God's guidance.

The events at Mount Sinai are central to the identity and religious foundation of Israel. It was here that Moses experienced the divine presence in a deeply personal and powerful way, not only receiving the Ten Commandments but also communing with God for forty days and nights, receiving detailed laws and instructions that would govern the moral, ceremonial, and civil life of Israel.

This experience underscored the sanctity and authority of the law, and it instilled in the Israelites a sense of duty and reverence toward the divine.

Moreover, Mount Sinai symbolizes a place of testing and faith. It was at the foot of this mountain that the Israelites waited and faced the challenge of remaining faithful to God, a test they sometimes failed, as evidenced by the incident of the Golden Calf. Despite these failings, Mount Sinai remained a symbol of divine mercy and patience, as God renewed His covenant with the people despite their transgressions.

Throughout the centuries, Mount Sinai has been revered as a site of divine revelation and human commitment. It stands as a testament to the enduring relationship between God and mankind, a beacon of faith and the profound impact of divine law on human history.


💡 Answer to Trivia Question:

Five golden images of tumors (barley)

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