Trump Immunity & Amanda Grace Reaction

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Trump Immunity

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Bible Trivia

According to Exodus 23:25-26, what are the promises God makes to those who serve Him?

A. Wealth and fame
B. Protection from enemies and abundant harvests
C. Blessing of bread and water, removal of sickness, no miscarriages or barrenness, and fulfillment of the number of their days
D. Victory in battles and long-lasting prosperity

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Latest News - Supreme Court Upholds Trump Immunity!

In a surprising (to me) vote, the United States Supreme Court has ruled in a 6-3 ruling that gives immunity to presidents on all official acts. That is great news for Trump, but at the same time disappointing for the potential fraud other past presidents have committed but have never been charged with. Here is Graham Allen’s X post:

My Faith - Ark of Grace Ministries

Live Reaction: Supreme Court Grants Trump Immunity

My Health - 2000 Years of Healing Wisdom ️ - Exodus by Exodus Strong

Exodus Strong is Introducing a new Biblically Inspired Health Solution - Exodus. We have been reviewing the 7 Biblical Ingredients and last week we reviewed the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen. ALL of these are in the soon to be released product by Exodus Strong.



Watch the testimonial video from our preview event in San Diego this last weekend:

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Mighty Man - Dr Linell King - Unlocking Longevity…

✝️ Bible Verse - Exodus 23:25-26 (ESV) Dear Divine Promises of Health and Prosperity

Let us reflect on the profound promise found in Exodus 23:25-26: "You shall serve the Lord your God, and he will bless your bread and your water, and I will take sickness away from among you. None shall miscarry or be barren in your land; I will fulfill the number of your days."

In these verses, we find a divine assurance of health and prosperity. God makes a covenant with His people, promising that their service and devotion to Him will be rewarded with physical blessings and protection from illness.

  1. Service to God: The foundation of this promise is our commitment to serve the Lord. When we dedicate our lives to His service, we align ourselves with His divine purpose, opening the door for His blessings.

  2. Provision: God promises to bless our bread and water. This symbolizes His provision for our daily needs. In a world where uncertainty often clouds our future, this promise is a beacon of hope, reminding us that God is our provider.

  3. Health: The promise to take away sickness is a testament to God's desire for our well-being. It reassures us that His power extends over our physical bodies, offering healing and protection from disease.

  4. Fruitfulness: The assurance that none shall miscarry or be barren speaks to God's blessing of fruitfulness in all aspects of life. Whether it is physical fertility or the success of our endeavors, God’s promise encompasses all.

  5. Longevity: Finally, God promises to fulfill the number of our days. This speaks of a life lived to its fullest potential, with each day marked by purpose and divine favor.

As we consider these promises, let us be inspired to deepen our relationship with God, trusting in His provision and protection. In our journey towards better health and well-being, let us remember that true vitality comes from a life devoted to serving the Lord.

Embrace the blessings He has promised, and let His Word be your guide as you strive to "Exit The Old You" and step into a new life of energy, health, and divine favor.


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Bible Trivia Answer:

Correct Answer: C. Blessing of bread and water, removal of sickness, no miscarriages or barrenness, and fulfillment of the number of their days